Hallmark Christmas Story #2: Sweater Weather

Hallmark Christmas Movie Prompt: The one where a girl brings home a fake boyfriend + the one where a workaholic lets loose and finds love

A lead designer at Chicago’s top sweater company, Samantha has been put in charge of “reinventing the Christmas sweater.” While she stresses over stale designs, her mother calls and begs her to come home to Wyoming for the holidays (hopefully with a man). Samantha bribes her new coworker Cole into being her boyfriend for Christmas.

After the initial awkwardness of pretending to be a couple, they join the family on a snowmobile outing. Samantha and Cole race off-road and run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. They manage to discover an empty cabin (fortunately stocked in whiskey) right before sunset. They stay up all night drinking and talking, finding inspiration for the sweater line, and falling for each other.

Her family rescues them in the morning. Sam and Cole kiss in the snow.

Flash-forward to a year later, they’re married, and their reinvented Christmas sweaters are a hit!

[Story: 150]

This is part of a self-imposed Christmas writing challenge where I compose 6 cheesy, 150-word holiday stories inspired by Hallmark… because we got rid of cable this year and I need holiday cheer.


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