Hallmark Christmas Story #3: Mall Santa

Hallmark Christmas Movie Prompt: The one where a twenty-something is struggling to make it + the one with Santa

Santa’s approval ratings have plummeted in recent years because of his shitty, out-of-touch toys. He and his elf assistant Jaxon go on an undercover mission as Mall of America’s “Pictures with Santa” team to learn what kids really want.

The first few days are tough. Kids are greedy and entitled, and their parents suck. Santa binges on Great American Cookies to cope, and quickly befriends Valerie, the cashier. She loves Christmas and dreams of being a toymaker, but doesn’t know how to get into the industry.

During their cookie breaks, Valerie, Jaxon, and Santa design innovative tech toys that encourage empathy. Valerie and Jaxon fall in love. When she learns her friends’ true identities, Valerie is hurt that they lied to her. Everything is fixed when Santa offers her a job as an elf. Jaxon kisses her in the snow. Their revolutionary toys save Christmas and children around the world!

[Story: 150]

This is part of a self-imposed Christmas writing challenge where I compose 6 cheesy, 150-word holiday stories inspired by Hallmark… because we got rid of cable this year and I need holiday cheer.


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