Hallmark Christmas Story #4: Winter Wonderland Wedding

Hallmark Christmas Movie Prompt: The one where a grinch falls for someone who loves Christmas + the one where a stranger fixes family drama + (added these last two without meaning to because I guess I’m an expert at writing Hallmark Christmas stories now, and I just can’t help it)  the one with a wedding + the one named after a Christmas song

Although Sammy and Julia are thrilled about their Winter-Wonderland-themed nuptials, their wedding party is not. Julia’s sister and maid of honor, Lizzy, is stuck with hand-making the wedding decor and solving family drama. Sammy’s best man, Alex, abhors Christmas.

Alex flies into town the week of the wedding. He immediately antagonizes Lizzy when he, not knowing her job, predicts that the wedding will look extra tacky because everything’s homemade. He likes her, and to try to make it up to her, he spends the rest of the week helping fix family drama.

The day before the wedding, Lizzy breaks down; she can’t finish everything in time. He brings wine. They craft together. He explains why he hates Christmas; she shows him the magic of Christmas. They fall in love. Lizzy’s ex-boyfriend presents a plot twist, but it’s easily fixed. Lizzy and Alex kiss in the snow. The wedding is magical.

[Story: 150]

This is part of a self-imposed Christmas writing challenge where I compose 6 cheesy, 150-word holiday stories inspired by Hallmark… because we got rid of cable this year and I need holiday cheer.


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