Hallmark Christmas Story #6: A Recipe for Love

Hallmark Christmas Movie Prompt: The one where a city girl goes to a small town, finds love and the true meaning of Christmas + the one where a stupid childhood Christmas wish finally comes true in adulthood

When she was 6, Elena asked Santa for an EZ-Bake Oven. But her family was poor, so she got a box of brownie mix instead.

Today, she’s a city girl who buys out local bakeries for Boxed Bakery, Inc. Her latest assignment: Luke’s Treats in Smalltownsville, New Mexico. Side note: she’s dating a douchebag.

Luke is the gruff, independent type. He doesn’t want to sell. Elena’s just as stubborn. While she’s pitching to him, he slips on frosting and breaks his arm! He can’t bake anymore, and it’s Christmas! Despite pressure from Boxed Bakery, Elena bakes for him, fulfilling her childhood dream—and falling in love with him and Smalltownsville in the process. Luke gives her an EZ-Bake Oven for Christmas. Before he can confess his love, douchebag boyfriend enters the scene. After heartbreaking confusion, Elena and Luke kiss in the snow. She quits Boxed Bakery to bake with Luke.

[Story: 150]

This is the last of a self-imposed Christmas writing challenge where I compose 6 cheesy, 150-word holiday stories inspired by Hallmark… because we got rid of cable this year and I need holiday cheer.


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