Evaluating Last Year's Goals

2015’s Resolutions:

#1: Keep a spiral to write notes from every book I read, and read 25 books.

Result: DONE.

I recorded reading 28 books, but there were more “easy”/”fluff” books this year than last year.


#2: Don’t drink during Lent.

Result: YUP.

I got weird looks for this one. People thought I was using Jesus to hide a pregnancy.


#3: Stay in touch with the few friends I want to keep.

Result: Um… sort of?

I kept in touch with my long-distance friends over texts, but we all got a little too busy to make video chat dates. To make up for it, I sent them random, loving notes in the mail. They all thought an unsolicited, square piece of cardstock in a colorful envelope meant I was pregnant.


I plan on continuing and improving upon #1 and #3 this year. Maybe I should add “Stop making people think I’m pregnant.”



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