Wishful Thinking


B and I were wishfully talking about my 27-year-old brother moving out of my parents’ house yesterday. Today, Brother texted me to say he and my dad had a fight, he’s moving out, and could I take his dogs for a few days while he finds an apartment?

B and I have been talking about getting a fancy new trash can. Today, we bought one.

The Texas Lottery is up to $1.3billion. It’s so huge that it’s even showing up on my BBC News app. All signs say that B and I talk about winning, we will win. We need this.

I’ve been talking all day about what to do with our winnings, while B tells me that there are better uses for my $2 (although I would plan on spending $20 on 10 tickets to increase my chances).

Only problem is, I’ve never bought a Lotto ticket and I don’t know how.



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