Favorite Color


In college, the typical freshman conversation starts with, “What’s your major?” In elementary school, it’s “What’s your favorite color?”

I always struggled with this question. Mostly because it seemed stupid. Why should I have a favorite color? Who the fuck has opinions on colors?

When faced with the choice, I would say, “I like all colors, except red because that’s the color of the Red Ranger and I don’t like him, blue because my brother plays the Blue Ranger, and pink because the Pink Ranger is stupid and sexist.” (But I didn’t know the word “sexist” back then, so I would just stop at “stupid”, knowing there must be a better way to describe my hatred for Kimberly.)

Adults only consider favorite colors when they’re bored or stressed at work and take Buzzfeed quizzes to escape. My favorites are the ones whose options include Rainbow, I Don’t Care, or turquoise.



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