Learning Log, Weeks 8 & 9: Watercolor Bouquet

The year that I spent wedding planning was a tense one. Since I waited until we got engaged to tell my family about B, much of the crucial time and energy needed to plan a wedding was spent convincing my family that I was indeed of sound mind and that B was not simply satisfying a temporary Indian girl fetish. Plus, I’m a control freak and didn’t want to delegate to anyone. So, I ended up with a bitchy photographer I found for a decent price online and a poorly-planned photo schedule. We didn’t get to take many of the cute pictures I had seen on Pinterest, and the few that we did take were poorly posed because everyone hated the photographer.

The one picture that I thought every wedding photographer took, that she did not because she sucked, was a nice one of the wedding bouquet. And I loved my wedding bouquet. Yes, it was significantly larger than my head because my florist was arranging by the Pinterest pictures I sent her and not by my petite body size, and yes, the central flower was wilting because they were flowers that needed to be shipped in from out of state… but it was so pretty.

Now that it’s been nearly three years since our wedding, I’m finally ready to admit that maybe not all my planning was perfect. I still haven’t arranged my wedding pictures into an album, but I can finally look back at them without getting angry. I still wanted my perfect bouquet picture, though. Last year, I picked up watercoloring during the spring, and I got good enough to brag about it through Snapchat. This year, I wanted to paint my bouquet and finally have the picture that my photographer denied me. It took two weekends, a lot of YouTube videos, a few trips to Michael’s to find the right colors, and a lot of messing up, but I finally got one that I love. In the process, I learned that I don’t like sketching and planning out each little petal; I love just going straight into painting and watching the wet colors bloom on the page… it’s easier and more fun. Here’s my process and final product:


First, I sketched and calculated each petal of a peony… but I didn’t like how it looked. I played with it to see what shapes I could make without planning.


Then I got my wedding pictures out and got started. I loved the one in the bottom left, but the colors weren’t right. I got brand new pink, purple, and turquoise paints and tried them out. 


I got closer and closer to getting it right… but something didn’t look right. The angle I was using didn’t capture all of the flowers that were on my bouquet, and I wasn’t happy with the way the flowers were going in to the ribbon. 


So I compiled all the good shots of my bouquet…


And got this one!

I know it’s not perfect. I know I could have gone to the world of Reddit and gotten better artists to make better versions. But this is mine and I love it.



8 thoughts on “Learning Log, Weeks 8 & 9: Watercolor Bouquet

    1. seriouslysoap Post author

      Thanks! I only started last year because I gave up drinking for a month in spring… I needed something to help me relax during the craziness of March and April! I’ve been bad about keeping up with it mostly because I’ve gotten busy, too. I hope you can find time sometime! It’s so soothing…

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