A therapeutic, venting post

The writing juices haven’t been flowing for me lately. Aside from my Learning Logs, I haven’t posted anything for weeks… I blame all the stupidity around me for stifling my creativity. Allow me to do a therapeutic, yogic breath on this Wednesday of Spring Break as I attempt to vent this all out: My bosses are idiots. My students are driving me insane with how mean they can be to each other. The STAAR test is around the corner and I have to teach my students to write like robots so they can pass. My Facebook friends have stupid opinions, but Facebook is one of the rare places where I can interact with adults outside of school, so I keep scrolling and getting pissed. And the special kind of stupid that is the 2016 Elections has made me lose all faith in humanity.

Breathe in, breathe out.


There are a few things that still make me happy and hopeful, though. Maybe if I focus on those things, I won’t hate the world so much:

  • When I look at my students and try to talk to them about racism, sexism, and other prejudices and injustices that exist in our world today, I see that despite their naïveté, they have far fewer biases than I was raised with. No matter how annoying or sociopolitical climate gets–on both the liberal and conservative sides, because both sides are irritating with the way they push their agendas–I have faith that we are slowly getting to a better, more accepting place.
  • My dogs are fucking cute.
  • Pottermore is more navigable now and I can finally read all these stories that Rowling’s been publishing. And I’ll be able to read the script for her play and experience Harry’s new adventure even though I can’t fly out to London to watch it. I’m no longer mad at her. We are friends again.
  • I have good friends and family. Even if we disagree on politics and that difference of opinion has become more apparent because of these elections, we’re still able to talk about something else and not hate each other.
  • The only thing I hate about my job are the adults above me. If I still love my students, my teaching team, and my content area, then I’m still at a good place. Even if I fantasize about other careers, it’s pretty nice to know that the one I’ve got has badass vacation time.
  • Even though the election looks like it’ll be a vote between a turd sandwich and a giant douche, I have faith that the rest of our government will make presidency a living hell for whichever turd/douche gets elected so that it doesn’t get too crazy here in the US. I’m just hoping this isn’t like that time I was watching the end of Season 1 of Game of Thrones, when Ned Stark had his neck on the chopping block, and I confidently turned over to my husband and said, “You know, I’m not even worried. I know the hero always wins. He won’t die.”

Breathe in, breathe out.

In with the positive, out with the negative.

I’m going to have to do a lot of breathing this year.




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