9th Grade Writing Pet Peeves

[composed while grading end-of-semester research papers]

  • “Without ___(main character, major plot event, major plot device)___, the story wouldn’t happen.”
  • “This use of imagery is important because it really puts a picture in your mind of what’s happening.”


  • No capitalization, no commas, no proofreading whatsoever
  • Rhetorical questions… lots of them
  • “__(main character, major plot event, major plot device)___ is really interesting.”


  • 2nd person
  • “I am going to talk about…”
  • All that stuff I went over about what to do for your assignment? You ignore everything. 


  • All that time you had to write and ask questions? All those times I opened up small-group writing conferences? You work on math or read manga instead. And it’s not because you already knew how to do everything, but because you don’t care.
  • Not being able to write passive-aggressive comments on your essay to express my frustration because I’m supposed to be the adult here.




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