Top Three Pregnancy Fears

#1: OMG, what if something terrible happens to the baby?

#2: Holy shit, I’m going to be a mom. What if I screw it up?!

#3: Do I have enough snacks?!



2 thoughts on “Top Three Pregnancy Fears

  1. J1289

    Haven’t been here in a long time and wanted to see how you are doing, and first I see is that you’re gonna be a mom :). So sending my heart felt congratulations to you and your husband on your first baby! :). Will be exciting! Am now anxious to hear more about little bubs and when s/he arrives! 🙂


    1. seriouslysoap Post author

      Thank you!! So far, everything’s going well–baby’s healthy and my body is an appropriate level of uncomfortable 🙂 Pregnancy has been easier than I expected, so I’m mostly worrying about delivery and taking care of a real, live baby! Aaa! I can’t wait to meet her, though! 🙂



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