5 Things About Me: A Reintroduction

Since I’m revamping my blog after a long hiatus, I figured it’s time to reintroduce myself to the blogosphere:


#1: I am a private person. Ron Swanson is my idol when it comes to online privacy for myself and my family… except for the whole blogging bit. I won’t be posting pictures or sharing names for any of us, except my dogs. But you can call me Soap, because somehow that became my nickname in elementary school.

#2: I’m a mom. That’s weird to say. My daughter, J, was born in mid-September, which I hear is a pleasant time of year for most of the world… but I live in Texas, so it was hot as hell during the months, weeks, and days leading up to her birth.

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-8-56-59-am#3: Before my daughter came three little dogs. They’re dogs, so pretty sure they don’t care if I share their names: Ronald, a Jack-Russell-chihuahua; Henry, a random chihuahua mix; and Luna, a pug-chihuahua. The chihuahua in all of them means that I’ve got plenty of guard dogs to keep away unwanted houseguests. And if that doesn’t work, Henry sneaks a leak when I’m not looking and makes the house stink… *sigh*

#4: I’m what the 90’s called an American-Born Confused Desi, or a child of Indian immigrants. My family hails from Kerala, a tiny state at the southern tip of India where people are proud to eat beef and the beautiful scenery earns it the nickname, “God’s Country.” My husband, B, is white, but he’s a Malayalee at heart. Telling my family about our relationship and getting married was emotionally draining, but totally worth it (read here). Now, my mom heaps Indian food in front of him every time he visits, and my dad loves our little girl.

#5: I teach 9th grade English. I adore teaching Shakespeare and poetry, but I hate the pressures of standardized testing, particularly in Texas. The moments when I start fantasizing about other professions are always driven by people and edicts that look at students and teachers as data points. Whenever I’m down about teaching, though, my students and coworkers always do something to cheer me up and remind me that it’s the people that make this job worth it, not the tests.

There was a lot more that I thought I would share when I started writing this, but I can save the rest for later–I’ve got to have something to write about!

What about you? Introduce yourself and your blog in the comments!


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