The Santa Lie.

Me: When she grows up, I don’t want to do the whole Santa thing.

Husband: [silence]

Me: I mean, I love Christmas, but what’s the point of lying to a child?

Husband: [silence, gives me a look]

Me: What’s the point of telling a kid someone exists, then taking it away? No. We are not doing the Santa Lie.

Husband: [whispers, a warning in his tone] Babe…

Me: We’ll just have to deal with your mom. She’ll want to do the whole Santa thing.

Husband: [louder whisper] Babe!

Me: What–?

Husband: [gestures to the others in the room] A pediatrician’s office may not be the best place to talk about whether or not Santa exists.

Me: [suddenly aware of all the children around us in the waiting room, I sink into my chair] Oh…



One thought on “The Santa Lie.

  1. A Dads Life

    Oh dear lmao! I think you should do the santa thing! I know your basically lying to your kid and will have to deal with it further down the road , but they love this stuff, it allows their imagination to run riot around Christmas! Plus you can always use the “Santas watching you be naughty!” Trick 😬



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