Where I’ve Been


Pretty much every new mom everywhere. And definitely me for the last two years.

I considered titling this post “While You Were Sleeping,” but then it would turn into an angry rant about how you’ve been sleeping while I’ve been losing sleep for two years, first to relieve my pregnancy bladder, then to care for J whenever she wakes up. Let’s not.

I’ve been trying to figure myself out for the past two years. We planned for a baby, but I never considered myself a “mother-woman,” as Kate Chopin would say. Figuring out who I am, while this little thing became a person to a Very Important Person to The Most Important Person, has been challenging. Now that I’m getting more sleep and she’s becoming more independent, I feel like I’m getting myself back.

Due to my long absence, the next few posts will be a reintroduction—for both of us. I’ll update you, revisit my favorite posts, and set goals. Thanks for joining me!



3 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. Sandra

    Welcome back! Blogging has helped me in so many ways, the transition to motherhood, process depression, nurture friendships, it’s been a gift. I hope you find comfort in it as well.



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